Rebar Strain Gauge
Rebar Strain Gauge
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Rebar Strain Gauge

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Strain gauges are widely used in many measurement applications both static and dynamic. A strain gauge is also sometimes called an electrical resistance strain gauge or simply a resistance strain gauge. They are also used in dynamic measurement applications where output fluctuates greatly due to deformation of a mechanical object under test. It is widely used for objects subjected to stress and torsion. The property called “strain” is the ratio of the change in length of an object to its original length. A strain gauge can measure this amount of change caused by an external force and convert it into an electrical signal that can then be converted to digital values, displayed, collected and analysed.

GeoAnts rebar strain gauge is a resistive type of strain gauge that provides accurate and reliable measurements of stress and strain levels in various construction applications, such as concrete piles, tunnel linings, mass concrete structures, diaphragm walls, and barrettes. It is a robust and durable product that can withstand harsh environments, making it an ideal choice for geotechnical engineers.

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 Technical Specifications

 Sensor Type Weldable Resistive/Embedded Type Strain Gauge
Measuring Range 3000 µε (± 1500 µε )
Output Rate 2 mV/V
Accuracy ± 0.8% F.S
Nonlinearity Rate ± 2.0% F.S
Length 900 mm (± 0.01 mm)
Recommended Excitation Voltage (4-10) V
Working Temperature -25 oC - 80 oC
Waterproof IP68
Weight 800 g
Material ST37 Galvanized Steel
Resistance 350 Ω

 *F.S: Full Scale

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