Slope Stability Tracing

Slope Sensitivity Overview

Careful monitoring and inspection of slopes, along with fault warning systems, is critical to protecting people and/or facilities downhill. The type of instruments chosen for any monitoring program will depend on the geology of the soil or rock mass and the problems to be monitored. Possible instabilities can be controlled and alleviated with effective and intensive applications. GeoAnts offers solutions that serve the specific purpose of the project with its experienced expert staff and sufficient equipment range.

Measurement systems offered for the solution may include Extensometers that can measure rock mass displacements, Piezometers to monitor groundwater parameters, Crackmeters to measure changes in crack width, and Inclinometers to detect and monitor the acceleration or deceleration of shear zones.

Data from all of these instruments can be transferred to a programmed onsite data logger. The data logger can collect readings at selected intervals and allows pre-emptive action in the field with a warning mechanism when critical ranges of motion are exceeded. GeoAnts also provides this service with customized data loggers for the purpose customer.

Why Follow?

GeoAnts' geotechnical monitoring systems help them better track these structures and manage their maintenance.

With our long years of working experience, we can easily obtain, interpret and present the data needed in case of slope instability. In this way, you can better understand the structure and take the right actions.

It is very important to monitor slope instabilities, which can pose a threat to sensitive structures in the surrounding area of ​​influence, to keep possible damage to a minimum and to build safe structures.

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