SmartPT Software

What is SMARTPT?

SPT field testing is frequently used in soil mechanics – foundation engineering applications.The obtained SPT hit numbers are corrected by considering the energy differences in the drop hammer system used. SPT drop hammer monitoring mechanism was developed by Geodestek R&D engineers operating within ODTÜ Teknokent by using local resources. Uncertainties up to the order of twice in the number of hits obtained by using this mechanism have been eliminated. GeoDestek can accurately measure and report the energy efficiency of all types of SPT drop hammers within minutes, with its SPT drop hammer energy monitoring mechanism, with the measurement service it provides at its head office or on-site, depending on the preference of geotechnical service providers.

5 Reasons to Measure SPT Drop Hammer Energy Efficiency

  • Turkey Building Earthquake Regulation (2019); It provides an approximate range for the determination of the energy correction CE factor according to the drop hammer type from the number of blows obtained from standard penetration tests. This range differs by almost twice, even for the automatic drop hammer type.
  • T.R. Ministry of Transport and Infrastructure General Directorate of Highways Department of Engineering Structures Final Report of Preparation of Earthquake Regulations for Transportation and Distribution Facilities (2020) recommends the use of a calibrated drop hammer system for the selection of design-based engineering parameters.
  • According to ASTM D 6066, the energy efficiency of the drop hammer should be known based on the measurement in the measurements taken from each site where liquefaction trigger analyzes are performed.
  • Even if your drop hammer is automatic, the energy efficiency obtained with different automatic drop hammer systems is highly affected by factors such as assembly and operation details, usage status and frequency, connection and orientation details of the drop hammer - head - rod - sampler system.
  • With the standard penetration test, one of the most frequently used field tests, it becomes an inevitable reality to have a drop hammer system that you can measure and periodically control for the correct selection of parameters that will shed light on your engineering designs.


Result in 3 Steps

  • Our expert team is directed to your location.
  • A sufficient number of accurate measurements are recorded at 3 different depths in the prepared survey well.
  • Energy efficiency rates are evaluated instantly in accordance with ASTM D4633-10 and EN ISO 22476-3 standards, reported and certified in 1 day.


GeoDestek, Your Partner in Your Solution for 20 years

  • Is the manufacturer of SMARTPT, the SPT Energy Efficiency Monitoring System hardware developed in ODTÜ TEKNOKENT with its own resources and knowledge.
  • Has full command of all technical and administrative steps of the process and it is aware of the responsibility that it takes and the engineering results it will bring
  • Accessibility, fast reaction time and mobilization, adherence to the principles at every step.
  • In geotechnical engineering field, it has an interdisciplinary work team. The team is open to communication and has managed to go beyond the template with survey, project, consultancy, measurement and R&D activities.