GeoGram - Data Acquisition and Logging Software

Thank you for choosing FastDAQ, the plug and play USB data logger. FastDAQ allows displacement, load and pressure logging and can be tailored specifically to your needs.

The product can be configured and customized by the user by plugging it into a computer USB port with the help of GeoGram software. In addition to live recording, FastDAQ is equipped with a backup SD card to provide you with safe and reliable data recording without risking data loss.

GeoAnts devices are shipped after testing and calibration phases. With proper use, it offers years of reliable service and a return policy. Please visit our website ( to check for the latest version of User manual, Product Updates and Customer Support.


  • Easily set up your lab test system and is compatible with Windows 8,10 (32 and 64 Bit).
  • It draws power from the USB port of a personal computer.
  • Real-time recording with GeoGram software and SD card backup option.
  • Specially designed for one-dimensional consolidation testing, direct shear testing, triaxial testing, CBR testing and much more. It comes in a custom-designed, plug-and-play fit-to-order format that will not require any end-user configuration.
  • No previous experience with electronic data collection systems is required, as FastDAQ can be customized to the customer's needs.
  • GeoGram software can display real-time graphs of each channel and recorded data can be exported to CSV format compatible with Microsoft Excel software.

GeoGram is free software provided by GeoAnts;


Download 4 Channel Version

Download 8 Channel Version (with charts)

Download 8 Channel Version (without charts)