Tunnel Instrumentation

Tunnel Instrumentation Overview

Overburden pressure, adverse geology, sensitive structures nearby; Every tunnel brings with it many difficulties. Whether you're rehabilitating a mountainside or using a tunneling machine under critical urban infrastructure, tunnel deformation monitoring and tracking systems help reduce the risks of projects like these.

The right monitoring tools provide data that can help maintain a project's timeline, economy, and safety. GeoAnts provides services in the procurement and installation of the best devices, which type of monitoring tools will work best on a project basis. In addition, with its expert and experienced staff, it helps to read the data, report it and understand the results.

Many deformations can occur due to displacement of the ground surrounding the tunnel, overload pressure, erosion, freeze-thaw, or unexpected movement of the structural members of the tunnel due to defect or fault. Deformations can be short or long-term, small or large.

It is important to start deformation monitoring as soon as possible because deformations can occur immediately after they are built. For this purpose, monitoring tools should be robust enough not to hinder construction and to withstand the working environment. GeoAnts, considering the conditions in the field, offers the most suitable and user-friendly tracking systems to your service.

Why Follow?

Tracking systems can be used as an early warning system for possible environmental hazards and structural failures for existing tunnels.

Monitoring of structures is also very important in the short term, during rehabilitation work on or near the tunnel.

At the same time, potential security vulnerabilities are prevented, as well as potential economic losses are prevented.

Finally, tunnel designers can leverage the performance measurement of existing tunnels by gaining valuable data that helps calibrate models for new and future projects.

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