SmartPT Measurement Service

SmartPT SPT Energy Efficiency Measurement Service

SPT Hammer Result in Your Energy Efficiency Measurements in 3 Steps

1. Our expert team is directed to your location.
2. A sufficient number of healthy measurements are recorded at 3 different depths in the prepared study well.
3. Energy efficiency rates are evaluated instantly in accordance with ASTM D4633-10 and EN ISO 22476-3 standards, they are reported and certified within 1 day.

Why you should choose SmartPT?

Deep and rapid data analysis, along with the capability to generate detailed reports documenting the wave characteristics of each SPT blow, provides a range of values for determining the correction factor C used to adjust the blow counts obtained from standard penetration tests according to the SPT hammer type, as specified in the Turkish Building Earthquake Regulations (TBDY-2019). This range exhibits variations of up to two-fold or more. SMARTPT is a product that can minimize the variations within this range.

According to the Final Report on the Preparation of Earthquake Regulations for Transportation and Distribution Facilities by the General Directorate of Highways, Department of Art Structures, Ministry of Transport and Infrastructure, it is recommended to use a calibrated SPT system for determining the fundamental engineering parameters in the design. In addition to being a calibrated SPT system, SMARTPT enables you to obtain clear and fast results in your experiments.

According to ASTM D 6066, it is necessary to have knowledge of the SPT energy efficiency based on measurement for each field where liquefaction triggering analyses are conducted. SMARTPT has the capability to provide accurate SPT energy efficiency values based on measurements.

Despite having an automatic SPT device, the efficiency values of different SPT systems may vary depending on factors such as the assembly and operation details of the apparatus, the usage condition and frequency of the product, and the SPT rod and hammer connection. SMARTPT minimizes the impact of factors that may cause variations in energy efficiency values, thereby ensuring accurate and reliable results.

Field Applications of SmartPT

We were at the project site with our SMARTPT device during the field studies of one of the main infrastructure investments of our country for SPT hammer energy efficiency measurements.


We conducted a field study using our SMARTPT product for SPT hammer energy efficiency measurements at Izmir Alsancak Port.




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