Deep Excavations

Overview of Deep Excavations

Deep excavation is required during the construction of structures such as tall buildings, underground public transport systems and underground water channels. Especially if the excavation is on soft ground, it triggers ground movement that poses a threat to the sensitive structures in the surrounding impact area. Therefore, deep excavation risk assessment and monitoring of any crack formation in the foundations are very important in these structures.

Monitoring of deformations in deep excavations is essential and should be limited to allowable levels. Appropriate instrumentation is needed to understand whether the structure has security vulnerabilities and to monitor deformations at various levels during and after deep excavation.

Certain device mechanisms can be used to monitor groundwater pressure, retaining sidewalls, surrounding soil, and structures. The most commonly used monitoring equipment in excavation is equipment that includes structure and soil movements, tension, and water pressure and water level.

Why Follow?

GeoAnts provides the most necessary and correct number of equipment specific to the structure on a project basis, and allows easy collection and reading of data. In the light of the information obtained, possible accidents can be prevented by preventing possible damages.

It helps to prevent long-term costs by extending the life of the structures by performing the maintenance of the structures at the right time.

In this way, the durability of the structures can be increased and it allows the structures to be built in a healthy way by preventing possible minor errors.

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