Infrastructure Systems

Overview of Infrastructure Systems

There are many different types of structures in infrastructure that are of great economic, logistical and service importance: roads, railways, bridges, tunnels, pipelines and more. Each has its own requirements and custom-built solutions. These constructions require closely monitored operations such as tunneling, blasting, deep excavation and piling. In addition, since these structures are intended to serve for many years and have a different economic importance from other structures, it is essential to monitor the ground settlements, building movements and pore water pressures with appropriate instrumentation during construction activities.

As part of geotechnical monitoring systems, GeoAnts offers instruments such as piezometers, extensometers and in situ inclinometers, as well as customer-specific dataloggers (data collectors) to retrieve and store data from such monitoring tools. GeoAnts assists contractors and engineers at every stage, from the selection of instruments to their installation and commissioning of the automated monitoring system.

Why Should We Monitor?

Monitoring infrastructures provides the necessary information to perform targeted preventive maintenance, allowing for long-term cost reduction.

With next generation information collection systems, infrastructures can be protected from external damage that can be caused by pore pressure ingress, seepage, erosion and landslides of embankments or deep excavations under construction.

Access to real-time data during construction helps the contractor adjust its activities and act quickly.

Engineers always have access to their data for ongoing data analysis and site performance evaluation and can recommend corrective actions to construction operators if needed.

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