Pile Integritiy Test (PIT)


Quality control of deep foundation elements with non-destructive methods requires expertise and experience. Perhaps the most well-known and most common of the different approaches in existence is the method using low strain impacts, also known as pile integrity testing (PIT) and described by ASTM D5882-07. It is possible to encounter end-user products that are compatible with different mechanisms that offer variable sensitivity data interpretation in accordance with the relevant signal processing schemes, called Pulse Echo and Transient Response. Mastering the manufacturing conditions where the success rate of the PIT method, which includes careful interpretation of the obtained signal form, together with the selected equipment, is the key to the correct evaluation of data in time and frequency space. Accurate information flow between the parties who will be responsible for the physical preparation of the pile head with correct and excellent care and planning and the personnel performing the test is essential for successful evaluation. We are just a message away from you about any detail you may be wondering about our PIT test and quality control services: geoants@geodestek.com