GeoAnts Initiative

GeoDestek is conducting research and development activities to develop advanced technology that will allow for more efficient, safe, and precise applications in the field of geotechnical engineering, and shape industry trends by moving beyond conventional methods. Since the beginning of 2012, their office located within the Middle East Technical University Technopolis has been expanding their range of activities. All of their R&D activities are conducted under the umbrella of GeoAnts. GeoDestek's R&D activities focus on areas such as the natural soil and rock units, instrumentation measurement systems used to determine the interactions of structures and their loading and unloading effects based on field data, development of laboratory testing equipment for advanced modeling of soil behavior, and development of software components for use in geotechnical engineering. GeoDestek provides geotechnical investigation services, consultancy services for geotechnical assessment and design, as well as consultancy services for the study, design, and construction phases. They also provide software sales and training services related to geomechanics. For more detailed information, please visit the GeoDestek website.