Dam Instrumentation Services

Overview of Dam Tracking Systems

Dams are very important infrastructures for countries for power generation and water management, every dam has an inherent potential for structural security vulnerability and dam structures need to be closely monitored and monitored periodically for public safety. Long-term follow-up of dams is important to ensure the performance of dams, to protect them if there is construction on the upstream or downstream side, and to plan the maintenance costs of the dams.

New generation Geotechnical and Structural information tracking systems allow to create a mathematical projection of the current and future status of dams.

Monitoring systems for dams are generally designed according to the type of dam to be monitored. GeoAnts provides services in the supply and installation of the best instruments, which type of instrumentation will work best on a project basis. In addition, it helps to read the data, report it and understand the results with its expert and experienced staff.

In dam monitoring systems, it is important to monitor parameters that may cause damage to the dam structure, such as pore water pressure, settling, stress, temperature, leakage and cracking. With special data collection systems, monitoring of different parameters and readings on structures can be performed automatically.

Why Follow?

With the new generation information collection and monitoring systems, data and information can be produced about the basic conditions and interiors of the buildings. Other than exploratory drilling, other methods are limited to what can be observed at the ground surface and outer surfaces of a structure.

Instrumentation monitoring provides long-term, consistent data records, allowing the detection of subtle trends in dam performance under different loading conditions that may evolve slowly over time. Other observation methods tend to provide short-term, discrete records of information.

The collection of instrumentation data can be automated more frequently and in real time. Automatic monitoring systems can be used to notify dam monitoring personnel of sudden changes in instrument data values ​​due to normal or overload conditions such as earthquakes and floods.

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