Embankment Slopes

Embankment Slope Overview

The construction of embankment slope structures requires operations that must be closely monitored.

Today, these structures are highly needed, especially due to the increasing demand in the field of transportation. Continuous monitoring of the high deformations that occur in the built structures over time has become very important for the health of the structures.

The use of geotechnical and structural monitoring systems can provide a complete information about the current state of the building, as ground settlements, structural movements, non-standard structural solutions or technical conditions that require special treatment are encountered in the construction activities of such structures.

Why Follow These Structures?

Monitoring weir and embankment slope structures provides the information needed to perform targeted preventive maintenance, helping to reduce long-term costs.

Embankments under construction can be protected from external damage by early detection systems for pore pressure ingress, seepage, erosion and landslides.

Access to real-time data during construction can help contractors adjust their activities and complete their tasks faster.

Engineers can always access their data remotely for ongoing data analysis and site performance evaluation and, if necessary, issue alerts to construction operators in the field.

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