Superstructures and Historical Buildings

Overview of Superstructures & Historic Buildings

Structures built using all man-made concrete, steel or similar building materials built in history, such as residential buildings, hospitals, stadiums and these, are constantly affected and deteriorated by various factors such as aging, fatigue, corrosion and even natural disasters throughout their service life. These factors collectively reduce the disaster resilience of structures and can sometimes lead to partial collapse or even complete collapse of structures.

Especially in countries with high earthquake potential such as Turkey, the health of buildings is very important for both life and property safety. With these increasing concerns, monitoring the structural health of concrete structures has become one of the most important research areas.

GeoAnts provides purpose-built services on the following areas, including system production, supply and sensor integration, system installation with industry-experienced experts, project-specific long-term data management and reporting, on-site system support and maintenance with a dedicated team.

  • Structural resilience and health monitoring services.
  • Safety of structures during nearby construction activities (deep excavation for tall buildings etc.)
  • Safety of existing high-rise buildings, hospitals, schools and critical buildings.
  • Safety of old and derelict buildings and structures subject to prolonged movement or deterioration of materials.
  • Security of monuments and structures of historical importance.

Why Follow?

Identification of the presence of any damage to the structure.

With constant observation, proper maintenance can be done to increase the life of the structure and then prevent sudden destruction.

If the structures are monitored continuously or periodically, a better understanding of the behavior of the structure will be provided.

If damage is detected at a very early stage before failure, some appropriate measures can be taken to prevent deterioration of the structure.

Proper monitoring can extend the life of the structure and ultimately save money. This monitoring also results in good serviceability of the structure.

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