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The 6-Axis Position Angle Sensor Module, also known as Tiltmeter or Inclinometer, uses high-performance microprocessors with its high-precision gyroscopes and accelerometers to quickly measure its current real-time motion. The module can accurately output its current position in a dynamic environment, the position measurement accuracy is 0.001°, the stability is extremely high. It has its own voltage stabilization circuit with an operating voltage of 5V~24V. By using advanced digital filtering technology, measurement noise can be effectively reduced and measurement accuracy increased.

Technicial Specifications

Measurement assembly  5V-24V
Flow <60mA
Product Dimensions 47 mm x 37 mm x 20 mm
Measurement Capability 3-axis acceleration and 3-axis angle measurement capability (rotation)
Measuring Range Acceleration ± 2g, ± 180° in X/Z axis ± 90° in Y axis
Truth 0.001° in X,Y axis, 0.01° in Z axis
Data Output Content Time, Acceleration, Angle and Angular Velocity

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