New R&D Product GeoAnts 3-Point Rod Extensometer

Edit date of the news: 13.06.2022

The deformation behavior of soil and rock masses and interacting structures can be determined using borehole extensometers. The three-point rod extensometer is mainly used to monitor the changes in distance between a measuring head at the surface and anchoring points, each fixed at specific depths on a near-horizontal axis in the borehole or on the front of shoring structures.
While deformation occurs in the system, the distances between the anchors and the head reference point change and the deformation level is determined with periodic measurements. While the single-point rod extensometer we offer optionally offers measurement for a single anchor point, the multi-point extensometers provide the deformation distribution output of different points within a single drilling operation. Our single and multi-point rod extensometer measurement systems can also be converted into an electronic reference head with a practical add-on, allowing you to activate monitoring systems that digitize your measurements and use human resources more efficiently.
For our three-point rod extensometer system designed for tunnel, deep excavation, soils where settlement or heaving behavior is monitored, and deformation monitoring in dam construction projects, you can contact us through our communication channels to get detailed information about the product and to take the opportunity to order from our stocks:
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