The Performance of Your Deep Excavations and Fortifications is Secured with GeoAnts Load Cell

Date of the news: 08.08.2022

GeoAnts anchor type load cell, one of the results of our R&D efforts at METU Teknokent, is mainly designed for use in prestressed anchors and rock bolts. The product can be easily evaluated in loading tests of deep pile elements and similar applications.

Confirming that the loads that the prestressed anchor or bolted systems are exposed to during their service life match the design targets and being able to make revisions when necessary, support the readings of the jacking system that the gradual loading stages during the acceptance tests have been successfully implemented, and in short, to ensure that the performance of the structure falls within the targeted criteria throughout the service life of the project. load cells are one of the most widely used measuring equipment.

Resistive type load cells produced by GeoAnts, which have a capacity up to 120 tons.f (safe loading up to 150 tons.f), 76 mm inner diameter, 146 mm outer diameter and 80 mm height, can be used with the portable reading unit we have developed in accordance with the receiver or the systems in your inventory. It is delivered configured to fit. Shipment is provided from stock with a 3 m signal cable as standard, detailed as you wish in your special orders.

Our R&D department has the experience to meet your special design needs for project requirements in different sizes and capacities in line with your demands.

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