Cone Penetration Test - CPT

What is Cone Penetration Test (CPT)? How is it done?

Cone Penetration Test (CPT) diameter 35 mm, angle 60° and projection area 10 cm2 It is made by pushing a cone tip with a hydraulic force of up to 20 tons to the ground at a speed of 2 cm/s.

The tip resistance (q) formed at the tip of the cone (on the probe) during this pushc), the frictional resistance formed in the jacket part of the cone (qs) and pore pressure (u) are measured every 2 cm and plotted.
How Much Does a Cone Penetration Test (CPT) Cost?
The cost is not very high as drilling is not required for the CPT test. Hiyap (carrier) is sufficient for transporting the CPT machine, operator, 1 engineer and 2 workers are sufficient for hiyap. Depending on the type of ground and terrain, 2-5 experiments can be performed per day. If a sample is requested from the CPT experiment, this will increase the cost slightly.
  • No borehole is required for the experiment.
  • Its cost is low.
  • Values can be taken continuously from the ground (0-40 meters)
  • With a single CPT test, parameters such as groundwater level, pore pressure, soil tightness, SPT value, internal friction angle can be determined.
  • Bearing capacity, settlement amount, liquefaction potential, pile bearing capacity of foundations can be determined.


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