About Us

GeoDestek Ltd. Şti continues to provide services in the fields of "soil surveys, field and laboratory experiments, measurement systems (monitoring), design, consultancy and control, numerical modeling and software" needed in the design and construction of engineering structures at home and abroad. Since 2001, we have increased our determination and enthusiasm on the first day.

GeoAnts; GeoDestek Ltd . Sti. It is an in-house brand.

Our Mission

For 20 years, we've done pioneering research to create the best geotechnical software available. On the other hand; We provided services in the fields of Geotechnical Design, Geotechnical Surveys, Instrumental Measurement and Field Monitoring Systems, Quality Control Services and Software-Training, which are our fields of expertise. As engineers ourselves, we know that we are doing vital work. We did not offer you any work that we did not approve, do not trust, and do not believe in. GeoDestek Ltd. Sti. is committed to producing safe and economical solutions to project-specific engineering problems by using the latest technologies. Being aware of the high cost of error in the construction industry, it aims to reach the most accurate at every stage of the project. These targets are provided by GeoDestek Ltd. Sti. reflected in the fine details of project services.

Our Vision

GeoDestek, which specializes in the production of its works in accordance with TSE, BS and ASTM standards, employees believe that the starting point in producing the most suitable engineering solutions is to determine the needs of the project partners. In this direction, our engineers are in constant communication with the people and organizations they serve at every stage of the project and adopt effective teamwork. GeoDestek Ltd. Sti. their employees do not avoid the extra effort required to raise the quality of the work they will produce above the defined standards.