Sieves (Han Kuk Jung Mil)

Sieves (Han Kuk Jung Mil)

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About Product

The product is in our inventory. It was used in geotechnical laboratory services for a short time, so it is in second hand condition. It is functionally ready to use.


Han Kuk Jung Mil - Testing Sieves

1 No.200
2 No. 100
3 0.250 mm
4 No. 50
5 No. 40
6 0.425 mm
7 No. 30
8 No. 16
9 2.00 mm
10 4.45 mm (No.4)
11 9.50 mm
12 19 mm


A wide variety of High Quality Test Sieves are in the inventory, used in all sieve testing applications, from sampling and sorting soils, aggregates, and other powdery and granular materials.

Woven Wire Mesh and Perforated Plate Screens are supplied in frame diameters of 200mm and 300mm in a variety of nominal opening sizes to suit a variety of applications and standards. All parts of the test sieves are made of stainless steel.

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